Raies A. Qadri




Research Interests:

Our lab is interested in unraveling the role of cancer cell secretory proteins in mediating the cross-talk of cancer cells with various cellular populations present in the tumor microenvironment. While secreted factors produced by cancer cells recruit stromal cells, dampen anti-tumor immunity, they also function  to drive the metastasis of cancer cells as well as make them resistant to targeted therapies. The role of some of these secretory proteins in mediating the metastasis and chemoresistance in various solid tumors is being established in our lab. Such cancer cell secreted proteins may thus serve as potential targets for therapeutic interventions. Natural product based lead molecules are also being screened in our lab for their abilities to ablate the metastasis as well as enhance the efficacy and overcome the resistance associated with various anti-neoplastic regimens. 



        •  Centre for Advanced Research-ICMR, funded

  • Identification Of Bronchogenic Cancer Marker(S) Through Proteomic Analysis Of Model Lung Cancer Cell Lines – DST, Funded.
  • Identification of Bronchogenic Cancer Marker(s) through Proteomic Analysis of bronchial alveolar lavages and sera – DST, funded.
  • Evaluating The Synergistic Role Of Identified Natural Compounds On Micro Environmental Modulation Of Model Lung Cancer Cell Lines- National Medicinal Plant Board Funded.
  • Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Flower development in Crcocus sativus L- C.S.I.R, funded
  • Attachment & Growth Properties of Saffron Cells Cultured Silk Protein Matrices – DST, funded.
  • Identification and Characterization of Floral Homeotic Genes Specific to Crocus Sativus L. – CSIR , funded.
  • Functional Genomics Approaches in understanding the Regulation of Flowering and synthesis and Regulation of Apocarotenoids in saffron – DBT,  funded.



Ph. D - 8 (awarded); Registered – 2

M. Phil – 6 (awarded)


  • Dean, Students Welfare
  • Head, Department of Biotechnology, University of Kashmir.
  • Chairman Technical Committee, National Institute of Biologicals, Noida.


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