1. The Department has been consistently ranked among the top ten Bio-Tech

schools of the country over the last several years

2. Dr. Ajaz ul Hamid Wani has been awarded the prestigious Wellcome Trust-

DBT Intermediate Fellowship (Rs. 3.5 crore) by the Wellcome Trust-DBT

India Alliance. He is the first recipient of this award from the state of Jammu

and Kashmir.

3. The Department has secured the FIST grant level-I from the Department of

Science and Technology, GoI in 2017. An amount of two crore (INR) has been


4. The Department has secured the Special Assistance Programme (SAP)

grant from the University Grants Council in 2017. An amount of 1.3 crore

(INR) has been sanctioned.

5. The Advanced Center for Reproductive health having funding of Nine

Crore (INR) has been sanctioned to the Department in collaboration with

Department of Biotechnology, Jammu University and Department of

Biotechnology, Shi Mata Vishnow Devi University, Katra.